More Gorgeous BradBlogger Artwork!!
By Steve Viele on 7/9/2005, 11:13pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Steve Viele

Many thanks to Joan, who came through for the Silent Auctions with some wonderful contributions of her artwork. (Many thanks to Peg C. as well, for her beautiful Fractal Art contributions which we are selling, rather than auctioning).

What we and Joan are offering for auction are giclee reproductions of some of her work: ôThe Three Witchesö and several other pieces, some of which ex-AG Ashcroft would have draped. I understand that giclee is a method of reproduction that is quite popular now and gives a quality that simulates the original and can be printed on different kinds of canvases (at least I know that her ôThe Three Witchesö is printed on water color paper).

Because this is a fundraiser and because we will have certain costs to get the pieces to anyone who wins the auctions, we will have to ask for a minimum bid of $100 for any of these pieces. I believe there can only be one winner for each piece but we can certainly ask Joan whether more than one giclee of a given piece can be produced if an item is particularly popular.

The auction for each of these pieces is officially open. To make it a silent auction, bidders will need to place their bid by e-mail (please include at least your first name or an appropriate pseudonym) to (or click here). The auctions on all items will close at noon Pacific Daylight Time (that's 3pm Eastern Daylight Time) on Wednesday July 13th. The winners (if there is at least a minimum bid on any or all of the items) will be posted on BradBlog by about 3pm PDT (6pm EDT) and will also receive an e-mail notification.

Check Joan's pieces out. They are all worthy of your bids but please also remember this is a fundraiser and it is also Brad's Birthday next week. Maybe someone wants to buy one of the pieces for Brad!!!

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