Personal Stuff, Late-Breaking Downing Street Stuff and a Belated Sunday Toon of the Moment...
By Brad Friedman on 6/27/2005, 3:51pm PT  

As usual, on Monday morning, after taking a few hours off yesterday, I'm beseiged with stuff that I must catch up on. I'm doing my best to do so, and hope to be making some noise here soon. In the meantime, a couple of personal mop-up items from the weekend...

  • Yesterday's hour in-studio at KRLA with Barry Gordon (and friends) was a lot of fun. We had some time --- in a bit of a round-table format --- to talk about how I started blogging, a bit of BRAD BLOG history, as well as Election Reform, DSM matters and, of course, some shots at the Mainstream Corporate Media. On that note, it shouldn't be mentioned that KRLA, a major Los Angeles Talk Radio station, home to Dennis Prager, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved and other despicables and liars from the Right devotes precisely one-hour per week to the Left. And that would be Barry's show. If that isn't an argument to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine on the airwaves, I don't know what is.

    I had hoped to add on air, but time didn't allow, that Barry was very helpful when I was speeding back to Los Angeles from my time on the road a month or so ago, when I was trying to find a homebase studio for The BRAD SHOW. I can't thank him enough for that simple act of kindness, support and generosity. So I'll simply thank him here and now.

    Barry, himself, is a tremendously interesting guy. If you're not familiar with his name, please allow me to embarrass him a bit, by suggesting that you check out his Bio. I'm quite sure that it will trigger precisely who Barry is to most of you folks. I suspect everybody reading this blog has likely both seen and heard Barry at some point in your lives.

    The archive from yesterday's hour, if you missed it, is right here in MP3 format courtesy, as usual, of our friend DonM.

  • The full audio archives of last Saturday's BRAD SHOW are now available here. All of the techincal errors that occurred during the live broadcast are nowhere to be found. And there is some terrific interviews there for your listening pleasure if you missed anything. So enjoy.
  • We've received word from HuffingtonPost that the removal of this blog from their blogroll was an unintentional error. Apparently, their Blogroll reverted to an old pre-launch version at some point last week. They've informed us that BRAD BLOG will soon be restored to it's proud position at HuffPost. Thanks to all of you who let them know about the problem.
  • Finally, Larisa Alexandrovna's latest breaking Downing Street story is now up on RAW STORY as we first alluded to as the news broke during the show on Saturday when the latest Sunday London Times article by Mike Smith (the Brit journalist who broke the original 'Downing Street Memo' story) dropped. Smith gave an appropriate nod to Larisa in his story, stating that "The bloggers may have found their own smoking gun." Indeed. It's about time someone noticed.

    Larisa's latest story, with John Byrne, tracks how the Bush Administration had started the War on Iraq months before they received the official go-ahead from Congress, by attempting to taunt Saddam into a fighting back at a massive aerial assault. Her story includes this useful graph of the aerial bombardment prior to the "official" start of war.

  • And lastly...since I didn't post it in time, here's a belated Sunday Toon of the Moment for ya...