Another message from our friend Steve...
Pay Attention, now! He's talking to You!
By Winter Patriot on 6/15/2005, 8:29pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

The following very important message is for YOU, and it's from our friend Steve...

This is the first of MANY reminders to come about the BLOGATHON/FUNDRAISER(*) to be held on the Brad Blog on Friday, July 8 through Monday, July 11, 2005. You can link to a detailed description of the event. But this message is not posted to tell you what the Blogathon can do for you; it is to tell you what you can do for the Blogathon and for Brad. So what can you do?

  • You can donate your artwork and other quality items for the silent auctions to be held.
  • You can help advertise the event in any way you can think of, including:
    • advertising the event at other progressive websites (we NEED you to help do this!)
    • posting flyers in your community
    • posting word of the event on your personal web pages
    • using the event as your tag line on your e-mail
    • posting on message boards
    • getting your older children to invite their friends to the event
    • e-mailing at least one person
    • talking with everyone and anyone you can
    • posting a free ad in your local paper
    • putting up a notice in public places such as your library, grocery stores, workplace, school, malls, etc.
    • try to get some of the more progressive media to mention the event on air, in print, in their Blogs, etc. (e.g.- on Air America, on some of the radio stations Brad has been on recently, on the Brad Show, on Raw Story).

Please contact Steve by e-mail at regarding any donations of artwork or other items for the event. You can also contact him regarding your additional ideas, suggestions or questions regarding this event.

(*this is an event entirely conceived, planned and produced by 6 or 7 Bradbloggers. Any unauthorized reproduction of this notification will be appreciated to the fullest extent of our covetous and imploring minds!)

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