By Brad Friedman on 12/26/2017, 12:16pm PT  

Just a quick note --- that I'll pin up on top here for a few days (scroll down for the latest) --- to ask, if you've got anything leftover after Christmas, to drop a few dollars in the BRAD BLOG tip jar.

We are at a very crucial moment, both here at the blog, on the daily radio show and on the Green News Report, and very much need your support to try and keep going with all of the above. If you can help with either a one-time donation, or a more long-term, automated monthly donation, it would be very much appreciated as we head into another new year.

While some Presidents say it's "back to work" after Christmas, before going on to Tweet about Fox "News" and hitting the golf course for the 85th time in less than a year --- and some radio shows run re-broadcasts during the time between Christmas and New Years, we'll be on the job with fresh shows and blog items all week! So, thanks in advance for any support you can muster for what we do here. We rely on you!

Also, while I have you here, if you haven't had time to listen to Angie Coiro's exclusive interview with Al Gore from Friday's BradCast, I'd strongly recommend you carve out some time do yourself a holiday favor and give it a listen. I believe it's the best, most informative, most personal interview I've ever heard with the former Vice President, and I'm both grateful to Angie for bringing it to us and very proud we are able to share it with you on The BradCast!

Anyway, back to work here, my thanks to all of you for your support over an impossible year, and my even greater thanks for whatever help you can offer for the days ahead via (or just use the form below)! Here's to a very merry holiday season, somehow, and a happy new year!

- Brad (and Desi and Ernie and 'PDiddie' and Angie and all the other BradBloggers and Casters by proxy!)

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