Some words of hope for change from Connie Rice, founder of Advancement Project and from Debra Cooper on Hillary's email
Guest Hosted by Angie Coiro...
By Angie Coiro on 7/8/2016, 11:23pm PT  

On today's BradCast, guest hosted by Angie Coiro, we look at the aftermath of the killings of five police officers in Dallas. Even something this shattering can't break the flow of hatred from some sources. Give an ear to Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who faulted Black Lives Matter protestors for dodging the bullets that killed the officers, and has his own conspiracy theories of how far in advance the protest had been planned.

And witness former Congressman Joe Walsh, who climbed atop the bodies to rally violence against President Obama. Of course, he says he didn't do that. You be the judge.

Then for some positive inspiration, some stunning results from an effort in Los Angeles to build an effective community policing policy. Connie Rice, cofounder of The Advancement Project tells of one housing project where daily body counts gave way to zero - ZERO - shots fired once the program was in full swing.

Give a listen to Julisa Wilson's heartfelt, striking What's the Recipe For Freedom?.

Also, Debra Cooper, Democratic State Committeewoman for Manhattan’s Upper West Side, gives her take on the Clinton email investigation results, including this week’s hearing. She and Angie are pretty far apart on the merits of Hillary Clinton, but they - and Debra's five-year-old nephew - are on the same page about having a woman in the Oval Office.

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