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By Brad Friedman on 7/7/2016, 5:18pm PT  

On today's BradCast, once-friendly GOPers turn on the FBI Director, and internal DuPont documents reveal more of what the chemical company knew (and when they knew it) concerning a toxic chemical used in cookware and leaked for years into West Virginia's water supply. [Audio link posted below.]

First up: Longtime Republican James Comey, the FBI Director previously beloved by Republicans and Democrats alike, finds himself under fire by GOPers after declaring that his agency's year-long investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server would not result in criminal prosecution. We cover details from today's four-hour long "emergency" hearing convened by the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, following Comey's announcement on Tuesday that while the former Sec. of State's treatment of classified information in her email was "extremely careless", the FBI probe did not find the knowing intent that might have triggered a criminal indictment.

We try to separate real concerns about the scandal (some of which remain unanswered), as based on Comey's testimony at today's Congressional inquiry, from the fictional ones that Republicans are already spinning in hopes of tarring the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Then we're joined by Farron Cousins of DeSmogBlog and Ring of Fire Radio to discuss new disclosures revealed by a recent corporate document dump by the DuPont chemical company, detailing a decades long cover up of the deadly toxic dangers of C8, a chemical used in Teflon.

"C8 exposure through drinking water develops into cancer in the body," Cousins explains. "It has what they call 'bio-persistence' --- it builds up over time and does not get flushed out of the body. We have 99% of Americans with this C8 chemical [now] detectable in their bodies."

The documents, unearthed in a current civil lawsuit (one of hundreds now pending) against the chemical giant, reveal that the company was aware of C8's toxicity for decades, failed to inform their own employees for years, and continued poisoning untold millions for years, particularly those who relied on drinking water from the Ohio River near the company's Parkersburg, West Virginia plant.

"One of the sickest parts of this story, to me," Cousins says, "is the fact that DuPont was fined by the EPA in 2005" related to all of this, "and then they allowed them to continue dumping for another nine years after they were fined by Bush's EPA."

Cousins co-hosts Ring of Fire with our friend Mike Papantonio, whose law firm is currently representing one of the plaintiffs in their suit against DuPont. "This is the only justice that the victims will ever get, and this is the only time that DuPont is actually going to have to pay for their crimes," he tells me. "I defy people to look at these documents and accuse any of [the lawyers] of being ambulance chasers. People have died. People are dying. People will die. All because DuPont didn't want to face the music back in the 1960s. So they kept putting it off. And all throughout this 53 years that they were dumping this chemical into the river --- that's now detectable in the drinking water in 27 states --- they were making money. They're going to be just fine. Those people in West Virginia and Ohio and all over this country that have been poisoned? They are not."

Finally today, Desi Doyen joins us with the latest Green News Report, including very bad news for FL and VT, and very good news for Oakland and NASA...


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