GUESTS: Journalists Jackie Schechner and Joshua Holland...
By Brad Friedman on 3/10/2016, 4:16pm PT  

Wednesday night was the final Democratic debate before next Tuesday's crucial Election Day in OH, IL, MO, NC and FL, when almost 700 delegates will be up for grabs. It was also the final debate scheduled at all, at this point, between the two Democratic Presidential hopefuls.

Today on The BradCast [audio linked in full below], we analyze, debunk and critique last night's face-off sponsored by Univision and Washington Post in Miami, Florida, between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, with my guests journalist Joshua Holland of The Nation and "Politics and Reality Radio" and Jacki Schechner, health care reform advocate and journalist, formerly of CNN and CurrentTV.

We cover the political and policy substance --- and lack thereof --- from both candidates and media alike, in the debate focused on immigration and on the heels of Sanders' surprise victory over Clinton in MI the night before. While there was some dirty pool at the debate, as we discuss, there was also Climate Change making what might be its first ever real appearance during any Presidential debate.

So, tune in for all the good, bad and ugly (including our fulfillment of our FCC requirement to mention the name "Donald Trump" at least once every 15 minutes), on today's very lively BradCast!...


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