By Brad Friedman on 4/24/2015, 9:05am PT  

Okay, so it's not "The Daily Show", but, as announced during yesterday's BradCast, beginning this Monday (4/27), barring any disasters (which could most certainly occur between now and then), Desi and I will be producing daily episodes of The BradCast for awhile.

My blogging here has been light-ish of late; the main reason has been trying to work out everything in the background, on a bit of a shoestring, as required to get a daily program up and running.

The show will be available for play or download, as usual, at The BRAD BLOG five days a week; for auto-download (subscribe for free at iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or our native RSS feed); and syndicated each day on most of the show's current radio and streaming affiliates, including Pacifica Radio's KPFK in L.A. and Southern California, KYAQ in Oregon, Progressive Voices, Netroots Radio, Indie Media Weekly, FYI Nation Network and some new ones as well, including Radio Sputnik (and a few more coming soon)!

For the first few weeks, I suspect the new project will take a lot of time, energy and focus. So please bear with us as I am giving myself permission to focus on the show every day without worrying about blogging beyond show postings for a while. I suspect that may not last very long (or even at all), but I need to give myself that permission anyway --- so I hope you will do the same.

So...aside from show postings, blogging here (by me anyway) may be light for a while (or it may not be), even as guest bloggers may continue to rake muck and cause trouble as frequently as they wish, and as I have time to perform my editing responsibilities therein.

As mentioned, we are doing much of this on a shoestring, so we welcome your donations towards the effort, if you are so inclined. (See below. And thank you!) Otherwise, I hope you'll tune in and shout out with feedback good, bad or otherwise!...

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