By Brad Friedman on 11/12/2013, 5:54pm PT  

The tally of the last of the provisional votes in Fairfax County, VA is now completed. See the blow-by-blow details below. Or see this breaking story for the final results before the certification deadline at midnight tonight.

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I'm testing out Twitter's new "Custom Timeline" feature below, while following the tallies of the provisional ballots in Fairfax County, VA...

This will be just about the last of the new votes added in the incredibly close Attorney General's race, which Mark Herring (D) currently leads by just over 100 ballots (out of 2.2 million cast) over Mark Obenshain (R).

The deadline for state jurisdictions to certify is 11:59pm Eastern Time tonight. Then a few weeks before the State Board of Elections certifies. Then, almost certainly, a "recount" will begin, most likely in December. As I explained here, a "recount" in VA is much less than it sounds like.

New tweets that I include into this custom timeline should get added to the top of the list below as I add them. The list will auto-refresh. You can also follow this timeline via Twitter itself right here.

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