By Brad Friedman on 12/7/2004, 1:30pm PT  

I can report that there is much moving on this story.

So I can't post as quickly as I'd like to as I'm fielding calls, talking to folks, etc.

Curtis has been getting many interview requests and has spoken to a number of mainstream (and not as mainstream) organizations.

Will post here as much and as quickly as I can.

Hope to answer many of the "Frequently Asked Questions" I've seen lately on all of this, on Curtis, on the Affidavit (and even on me).

I encourage skepticism in everything here. Have tried to be as skeptical about it all myself from the beginning. And continue to be on every aspect of it.

So far, as I reported originally, I haven't found any holes in Curtis' story. And there are loads of paper trail on it going back years. Newspaper articles, public records (lots of those, since there have been many court hearings on all the Yang (FEI) and Florida Dept. of Transportation stuff, etc).

So to that end, I'll be posting here all day as much as I can, between all the off-line stuff I am now doing as well.

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