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By Desi Doyen on 10/23/2012, 3:57pm PT  

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IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Climate scientist Michael Mann sues Rightwing media for libel; NRC hides flood danger at US nuclear plants; Deadly earthquake caused by drilling; PLUS: The "C" Word: climate change a no-show in Presidential Debates for first time since 1988 ... All that and more in today's Green News Report!

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IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): How stupid does Cato Institute think Congress is? [Oh, right]; Anchovy Poop Fights Global Warming; Committee advises halt to GMO trials; Bumblebee colonies at risk from pesticides; Fox Falls For Tabloid "Science" [again!]; Chinese protest new coal plant; Climate linked to violent conflict in East Africa: study; Wind turbine syndrome” is catching; Koch group aims to kill wind energy ... PLUS: Frontline exposes the Climate Change Denial Industry tonight on PBS ... and much, MUCH more! ...


'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (Stuff we didn't have time for in today's audio report)...

  • Frontline: ‘Climate of Doubt’ (NYT Green):

  • How Stupid Does Cato Institute think Congress Is? Oh, right…. (Climate Crock of the Week):
    There is a reason why Cato is putting it out now. It is not so the average person will read it. It will be handed to Republican candidates who can tout the latest science in attacking the Administration’s efforts to address climate change; and it will be used by the Republicans in the lame duck session as justification for eviscerating funding for climate change.
  • Anchovy Poop Fights Global Warming (Oceana) [emphasis added]:
    [S]mall fish like anchovies, smelt and sardines are a major component of the so-called "biological pump" that takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and sequesters it in the deep, where it can no longer contribute to global warming. [It begins with] photosynthetic, carbon dioxide-absorbing, single-celled algae, like the wonderfully intricate diatoms and dinoflagellates, at the ocean surface. Anchovies then feed on the algae, digest it and release it as fecal pellets which sink to the ocean bottom.
  • INDIA: Committee advises halt to GMO crop trials (SciDev):
    A technical expert committee, appointed by the Supreme Court of India to advise upon open field trials for genetically modified (GM) crops, has recommended a ten-year moratorium on all Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) food crop trials.
  • Pesticides put bumblebee colonies at risk of failure (Chicago Tribune):
    British scientists said they exposed colonies of 40 bumblebees, which are bigger than the more common honeybee, to the pesticides neonicotinoid and pyrethroid over four weeks at levels similar to those in fields.... Exposure to a combination of the two pesticides "increases the propensity of colonies to fail", according to the researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London.
  • Fox Falls For Tabloid "Science" (Media Matters.org):
    Met Office: Daily Mail Article Is "Misleading" By Selecting A Short Time Period. According to the official news blog of the Met Office, the Daily Mail article "contains some misleading information." First, the article claimed that the Met Office "quietly released" a report, but the Met Office "has not issued a report" --- it simply updated its global temperature dataset. Second, as the Met explained to the Daily Mail reporter David Rose it is misleading to choose "a starting or end point on short-term scales".
  • World's biggest geoengineering experiment 'violates' UN rules: (Guardian UK) [emphasis added]:
    Satellite images appear to confirm the claim by Californian Russ George that the iron has spawned an artificial plankton bloom as large as 10,000 square kilometres. The intention is for the plankton to absorb carbon dioxide and then sink to the ocean bed - a geoengineering technique known as ocean fertilisation that he hopes will net lucrative carbon credits.
  • More Than 1,000 Chinese Protesters Clash With Police Over Coal Plant (Guardian UK):
    People protesting against the building of a coal-fired power plant in a southern Chinese town threw bricks at police who fired volleys of teargas and detained dozens in the country’s latest environmental dispute, residents say.
  • Difference Engine: Cloudy with a chance of...[a weird El Nino?] (The Economist)
  • NEB:Drought brings uncertainty to state's cattle industry (UK Independent):
    Nebraska agriculture faces serious consequences going into the 2013 growing season if drought conditions persist through the winter.
  • Climate linked to conflict in East Africa, study finds (LA Times):
    A study relating climate to conflict in East African nations finds that increased rainfall dampens conflict while unusually hot periods can cause a flare-up, reinforcing the theory that climate change will cause increased scarcity in the region. The study was published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • "Nocebo" Doubt About It: “Wind Turbine Syndrome” Is Catching (Discover) [emphasis added]:
    What Chapman is describing is a phenomenon akin to mass hysteria—an outbreak of apparent health problems that has a psychological rather than physical basis.
    For a condition that seems to have no physical basis, Chapman says wind turbine syndrome has an impressive list of medical problems (“an astonishing 155”) attributed to it: “I have worked in public health on three continents since the mid-1970s. In all this time, I have never encountered anything in the history of disease that is said to cause even a fraction of the list of problems I have collected.
  • A Koch-allied group aims to make wind energy toxic (Grist) [emphasis added]:
    The Koch brothers don’t like wind energy. This is because the wind is free, uncontainable, limitless. The Kochs prefer costly, contained, limited.
    Our goal is to make the [wind energy production tax credit] so toxic that it makes it impossible for John Boehner to sit at a table with Harry Reid and say, ‘Yeah, I can bend on this one,’” said Benjamin Cole, spokesman for the American Energy Alliance.
  • Essential Climate Science Findings:
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