Some Legal Assistance Requested
By Brad Friedman on 11/13/2004, 7:27pm PT has issued the following items on their website today:

  • Fraud audit launched in Florida.
    "...will initiate hand counts on selected counties that have not fully complied with our Nov. 2 Freedom of Information request by Monday (Diebold counties) or Tuesday (other counties)."
  • Fraud diagnostics implimented in New Mexico.
    "Information we recently received is indicative of widespread vote manipulation. We are not going to publicize the specifics here."
  • Legal assistance requested in specific county in Georgia.
    "Indications of corrupt voting processes, with possible criminal actions by local officials."
  • Fraud investigation launched in Pima County, Arizona.
  • Fraud investigation launched on state of Nevada.
    "Pro bono legal help certified to practice in Nevada, needed immediately. Multiple irregularities. Need people to take affidavits from election workers, statewide."
  • See their website for more info, explanations, and if you are able to help in either Georgia or Nevada as requested.