By Brad Friedman on 5/9/2012, 9:35pm PT  

Ever wonder what the much much prettier half of the Green News Report actually looks like? Today's your lucky day! The lovely Desi Doyen, my co-host and the Managing Editor of the GNR sat in to guest host The Young Turks with Ana Kasparian this afternoon.

They covered a bunch of green issues, as expected, plus everything from Nazis in Florida, to the DoD and The Avengers, and even a move to stop "Praying the Gay Away" out here in California.

A few of the video clips from today's show --- the ones The Turks have posted online so far tonight --- are now posted below the fold. Enjoy!...

Undercover Footage From Wyoming Pig Factory Farm
(Warning: Some disturbing content)

The Avengers Vs The Pentagon

White Supremacist Group Members Arrested in Orlando

California to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

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