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By Desi Doyen on 5/17/2011, 2:15pm PT  

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IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Opening all of the floodgates on the Mighty Mississippi; Big Oil's big fight for its taxpayer welfare; Japan's nuclear nightmare: Surprise! It's worse than previously thought; Breaking the record for weather disasters; PLUS: Another blow for the climate change denial industry... All that and more in today's Green News Report!

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IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): Nat'l Academies of Science study smacks climate change denial industry; At industry's request, EPA delays rule on industrial emissions; CA sea lions get death penalty for eating salmon; Solar Plane Makes Maiden International Flight; GOP's presidential contender Hunstman says 'listen to the scientists'; Produce Industry Presses USDA on Pesticide Report; Climate Change to Create a Dustier Southwest; Noxious Odor Plagues Poor Desert Communities; MRSA Germ Found in Supermarket Meats; US Asks Six NatGas Drillers to Disclose Waste Info; EPA Orders Chicago to Clean Up River ... PLUS: Exploding Watermelons! More fun with food in China ...


'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (Stuff we didn't have time for in today's audio report)...

  • EPA Delays Rule on Industrial EmissionsThe regulation to limit pollutants at power plants is suspended after protests from industry. It is the Obama administration's latest concession on the environment. (LA Times)
  • Salmon-Eating Sea Lions Sentenced to Die (NYT Green):
    For the crime of snacking on endangered salmon, dozens of sea lions have been sentenced to die.
  • Solar Plane Makes Maiden International Flight: A solar energy plane made the world's first international flight powered by the sun on Friday to show the potential for pollution-free air travel. (Reuters)
  • U.S. review reaffirms embattled U.N. climate report (Climatide):
    [I]f the IPCC's critics were hoping that an independent American review of climate science would vindicate their skepticism, they're in for an unpleasant surprise. In 2008, Congress tasked the National Research Council (NRC) - a branch of the prestigious National Academies of Science - with reviewing the state of climate science and our options for responding to climate change.
  • White House contender Huntsman: Listen to climate scientists (The HIll)
  • Produce Industry Presses USDA on Pesticide Report (Washington Post):
    Eighteen non-organic produce industry groups have written the Agriculture Secretary in an an effort to muffle the impact of the upcoming USDA report on pesticide residues. The Environmental Working Group uses the annual data to highlight the "Dirty Dozen" fruits and vegetables.
  • Climate Change to Create a Dustier Southwest (Salt Lake Tribune):
    A warmer Southwest might very well mean a dustier Southwest. That's the conclusion of a new study by researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of California-Los Angeles that has far-reaching implications for all of Utah, where healthy range is vital to livestock, wildlife and recreation, as well as air quality and water supplies.
  • Noxious Odor Plagues Poor Desert Communities (LA Times):
    The source is a Coachella Valley soil-recycling plant on tribal land, regulators say. Operators defend their enterprise, but agencies have cracked down.
  • MRSA Germ Found in Supermarket Meats (AP):
    MRSA, a bacteria resistant to common antibiotics, has been discovered in supermarket meats, and the germ is apparently being introduced by human food handlers, a new study reports.
  • US Asks Six NatGas Drillers to Disclose Waste Info (Reuters):
    Environmental regulators on Thursday directed six natural gas drillers to disclose how they dispose of or recycle waste water in Pennsylvania after a recent Chesapeake Energy Corp accident.
  • EPA Orders Chicago to Clean Up River (Chicago Tribune):
    The Obama administration is ordering an ambitious cleanup of the Chicago River, a dramatic step toward improving an urban waterway treated for more than a century as little more than an industrialized sewage canal.
    Scouring disease-causing bacteria from the Chicago River and keeping raw sewage out of its channels could cost an average Cook County homeowner less than $7 a month, federal officials concluded as part of their order to make the urban waterway safer for recreation.
  • Fields of watermelon burst in China farm fiasco (AP):
    Watermelons have been bursting by the score in eastern China after farmers gave them overdoses of growth chemicals during wet weather, creating what state media called fields of "land mines."
    But the report underscores how farmers in China are abusing both legal and illegal chemicals, with many farms misusing pesticides and fertilizers.
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