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Continuing Coverage: Disaster in Japan...
By Desi Doyen on 3/24/2011, 1:35pm PT  

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IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Update on Japan's nuke crisis: Tap water warning lifted for Tokyo infants, but spreading elsewhere; Workers at stricken plant hospitalized for radiation exposure; Nukes now less popular in the US (for some reason); King crab invasion at the South Pole; PLUS: Japanese villages struggle to maintain tradition amidst disaster... All that and more in today's Green News Report!...

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IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): Head exploder: GOPer wants creationism taught in school; WorldWaterDay: Which nations are most at risk?; BP Oil Disaster: Pipe piece caused blowout preventer failure; Google Maps now displaying EV charging stations; GA tree farm re-establishing American Chestnut; USDA gives GM crops boost over organics; Road salt killing Twin Cities' lakes; EU Chief: French GM maize ban illegal; HUGE lease sale for WY coal; Lead, chemicals taint some urban gardens; EPA, DOJ sue MI's largest coal plant; Canada is getting warmer: study ... PLUS: MacGyver It: $3 Emergency Solar-Powered Radio Made With an Altoids Tin! ....


'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (Stuff we didn't have time for in today's audio report)...

  • GOP Creationism v. Actual Science: "Are You Saying a Windstorm Is Like the Big Bang?" (Mother Jones) [emphasis added]:
    "Evolutionists will go 'Oh, it just happened by chance.' Today we know that's false. Today we know that even a single-celled organism is hugely complex. When was the last time we've seen someone go into a windstorm or a tornado or any other kind of natural disaster, and say "Guess what? That windstorm just created a watch."
  • WorldWaterDay: Which nations are most at risk? (Huffington Post Green)
  • BP oil probe: Pipe piece caused blowout preventer failure (USA Today):
    The blowout preventer that should have stopped the BP oil spill failed largely because of a faulty design and a trapped piece of pipe, an official probe found Wednesday, appearing to shift some blame for the blowout from the oil giant and toward those who built and maintained the 300-ton safety device.
    The Norwegian firm hired by the government to test the blowout preventer also faulted the performance and design of the failsafe device.
    "This is the first time in all of this that there has been a clear design flaw in the blowout preventer cited," he said. "My reaction is, "Holy smokes, every set of blind shear rams out there may have this problem.' We need to take a look at every set of blind shear rams out there and make sure they all don't have this problem."
  • Google Maps Now Displaying EV Charging Stations (Environment News Service):
    Charging up electric vehicles on the road is easier and more convenient now that Google has started adding charging station locations to the Google Maps platform.
  • Georgia Tree Farm Helping to Re-Establish American Chestnut (Macon, GA Telegraph):
    Rock keyboardist and tree farmer Chuck Leavell is planting chestnut trees bred to withstand the blight that killed billions of American chestnuts since 1904.
  • GM Crops Get Boost Over Organics With Recent USDA Rulings: (Washington Post):
    At the supermarket, most shoppers are oblivious to a battle raging within U.S. agriculture and the Obama administration's role in it. Two thriving but opposing sectors - organics and genetically engineered crops - have been warring on the farm, in the courts and in Washington.
  • Road Salt Turning Twin Cities' Lakes Into Dead Seas (Minneapolis Star-Tribune):
    Minnesota's Pollution Control Agency is trying to address the impact of dissolved chlorides in Twin Cities lakes --- road salt harming aquatic life. It may require changes in what it means to be a good neighbor in the snowy state.
  • French GM Maize Ban Was Done Illegally: EU Court Official (Reuters)
  • Interior Dept. Announces HUGE Lease Sale in Wyoming for Coal Mining (AP):
    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced plans Tuesday to auction off vast coal reserves in Wyoming over the next five months, unleashing a significant but controversial power source amid uncertainty about clean and safe energy development.
  • Lead, Other Chemicals Taint Some Urban Gardens (AP):
    With remnants of once-legal lead paint, leaded gasoline and other pollutants from the nation's industrial past tainting land in U.S.
    cities, soil researchers warn that the growing number of urban farmers and community gardeners need to test their dirt and take steps to make sure it's safe.
  • Indiana Power Co. Had Over 8,000 Violations (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review):
    The operator of an Indiana County (PA) coal-fired power plant is liable for more than 8,600 violations of the Clean Water Act that polluted the Conemaugh River with metal discharges, a federal judge ruled, which would lead to a maximum civil penalty of more than $300 million.
  • EPA Pursues Michigan's Largest Coal-Fired Plant: The EPA and the Justice Department are aggressively suing electric utilities across the Midwest to get them to install the latest technology to capture smog-causing emissions. (AP)
  • Canada Study: Climate Change Models Have It Right: Canada is getting warmer as temperatures are rising, especially in the north, just as predicted by climate change models, researchers say. (UPI)
  • $3 Emergency Solar-Powered Radio Made With an Altoids Tin! (Treehugger)
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