As a welcome, here's a quick retrospective of US following HIM...
By Brad Friedman on 6/20/2010, 12:35pm PT  

Tale of @TheBradBlog's tweets from this morning...

11:23am PT:

We are now OFFICIALLY being followed by @KarlRove. Wonder why...

11:23am PT:

Turnabout is fair play tho, I guess. Here are some EXCLUSIVE moments when @TheBradBlog followed @KarlRove...

11:25am PT:

8/30/05, as Katrina floods NOLA, @KarlRove yucks it up w/ anti-Sheehan protesters in Crawford (pics):

11:25am PT:

Feb '08: @KarlRove holds "FREE DON SIEGELMAN" banner w/ Alan Breslauer of @TheBradBlog (pics/vid):

11:26am PT:

Memorial Day '07: @KarlRove solemnly buys root beer, butter & toilet paper at local Safeway (pics):

11:26am PT:

No exclusive pics yet of @KarlRove's arrest, but he can't be a fugitive forever, right? (Glad u're following, Karl!)

11:29am PT:

Hope you've enjoyed @TheBradBlog's EXCLUSIVE @KarlRove retrospective. Happy Sunday. (& to you, Karl!)

And now, some of the replies from the "conservatives" who quickly responded to the above --- kept below the fold since their responses are so very "conservative" and classy!...

From @GayPatriot, 11:24am PT:

@TheBradBlog: We are now OFFICIALLY being followed by @KarlRove. Wonder why...” // And now unfollowed by me. Why? You're a douchebag.

From @knottienature, 11:45am PT:

@TheBradBlog Do you really thinking being a douche will make people believe your inept lies?

From @garysteveneaton, 11:52am PT:

@TheBradBlog Because you're a shallow twat and it's fun to watch you make an ass out of yourself . You never disappoint

From @knottienature, 11:56am PT

@TheBradBlog Seriously you catch my fly with sugar. Your nastiness and hate is a huge DO NOT READ sign for many

From baconbikinibrig, 12:06pm PT:

@TheBradBlog You remind me of a guy with small man syndrome.. You're short aren't you? Very short I would guess

If Karl Rove (and his "conservative" apologist friends) follow @TheBradBlog, shouldn't you too?!

[UPDATE: If you prefer Facebook, though it's not nearly as lively, you can follow us over there at]

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