By Brad Friedman on 5/21/2010, 2:03pm PT  

Last night, the far Righties over at FreeRepublic linked to my story yesterday on ACORN 'Pimp' Hoaxster James O'Keefe being dressed down by a federal judge, before being given a free ride to avoid trial and personal accountability for attempting to tamper with the phones of Louisiana's Democratic U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu.

As usual, all of the comments there, in reply, are fun to read --- if you have enough antibodies to ward off the toxins --- but here are just a few of my personal faves :-) ...

From "VeniVidiVici (Everyone needs valid ID except illegal aliens and the President - only in America)":

Geez, who is this Brad idiot? Mr Propaganda appears to have learned his trade from Goebbles.

From "FlingWingFlyer (Politics is only about money and the power to control it. ALL of it!)":

In short, ACORN paid a serious price for a phony political operation that was run against them, despite having broken no laws, largely as a GOP vendetta for their work in legally registering millions of low- and middle-income, largely Democratic-leaning voters.

Sounds like Mrs. Friedman's little Bradley has fried his brain or he could be naturally stupid. Whichever, the boy is clueless about the scoundrels at ACORN.

From "Rocky (REPEAL IT!)":

This Brad guy has a serious mental disorder. He reads rumor and inuendo on leftist web sites, and internalizes them as truth. He thereby creates an alternate universe, from which he generates a blog, which is in turn internalized by other mentally deranged leftists. It’s like a cancer.

From "AmericanInTokyo (If we allow them to ISOLATE & "SAUL ALINSKY" poor Arizona--and we lose, that's it folks. It's OVER.)":

This is a troubled person who does not sleep well at night. Some kind of personal problems are reflected in that sad, liberal face. Liberals are essentially unhappy people to begin with. And they want everyone else to be unhappy.