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By Desi Doyen on 9/1/2009, 12:27pm PT  

IN TODAY'S AUDIO REPORT: Fires rage across California as Hurricane Jimena bears down on Baja; Lights out for incandescent lightbulbs; The Summer of Astroturf! ... PLUS: Paving the Long Road to Solar... All that and more in today's Green News Report!

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IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (links below): Clash in Alabama Over Tennessee Coal Ash; Is the United States Ready for a Higher Gas Tax?; Obama Administration sues Chicago-area coal-fired power plants; the Risks of climate geo-engineering; WHO Predicts That Within 2 Years, 1/3 Of World Will Have Caught Sickness... PLUS: Four crucial resources that may run out in your lifetime ...

Info/links on those stories and all the ones we talked about on today's episode follow below...

'GREEN NEWS EXTRA': More green news not covered in today's audio report... See below!

  • Clash in Alabama Over Tennessee Coal Ash (NY Times)
    Almost every day, a train pulls into a rail yard in rural Alabama, hauling 8,500 tons of a disaster [coal ash from a massive spill at a power plant in east Tennessee last December] that occurred 350 miles away to a final resting place, the Arrowhead Landfill here in Perry County, which is very poor and almost 70 percent black.
    The ash has created more than 30 jobs for local residents in a county where the unemployment rate is 17 percent and a third of all households are below the poverty line.
    But some residents worry that their leaders are taking a short-term view, and that their community has been too easily persuaded to take on a wealthier, whiter community’s problem.
  • Is the United States Ready for a Higher Gas Tax?
  • Colombian president comes down with the swine flu (AP)
  • Return Of Swine Flu: What's Ahead For Americans? WHO Predicts That Within 2 Years, 1/3 Of World Will Have Caught Sickness (AP)
  • Science on the Risks of Climate Engineering: “Optimism about a geoengineered ‘easy way out’ should be tempered by examination of currently observed climate changes”
  • Obama, Illinois File NSR Lawsuit Against Midwest Generation (NY Times):
    The Obama administration and the Illinois attorney general filed a lawsuit (pdf) today against a Midwestern energy company for alleged Clean Air Act violations at six coal-fired power plants, including five in the Chicago area.

    The 38-count complaint said Midwest Generation made major modifications at the facilities without also installing the proper pollution control equipment, efforts that have led to unsafe air quality in the region, including high levels of ground-level ozone and soot that are linked to asthma and other respiratory ailments.

  • Four crucial resources that may run out in your lifetime: Can the Earth Sustain 9 Billion People? We'll Find Out in 50 Years(Gizmag)