By Brad Friedman on 8/10/2009, 2:04pm PT  

Since several have been sending notes/comments asking, I'll answer all at once: No hard updates yet on the release of either the video or transcript of Saturday's explosive deposition of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.

We've been in close touch with both the National Whistleblowers Center (Edmonds' attorneys), as well as the court reporter's office. The NWC is similarly trying to assist in getting a copy of the video, and has been told, as we have, that the text transcript would take more time to finish up and be made available.

So, the video of the depo would seem to be coming first, before the transcript which supposedly will come later. No actual idea about what the hold up for release of the video is at this moment. It seems to be a question of who needs to authorize the release or something. Either way, I have no reason at this time to believe there's anything nefarious going on here, just to preempt that suggestion for the moment, but wanted to give you an update, since folks have been asking.

Furthermore, complicating matters, I'm now on the road, towards a long-planned vacation, which we actually pushed back for several days to accommodate the weekend's unexpected turn of events. So trying to keep up with all while on the move. Nonetheless, will update here as/when warranted...

UPDATE 8/11/09: Spoke again with the folks at the National Whistleblower Center today who say they are now in close touch with the court reporter's office, and are optimistic they will be able to receive a copy of the video soon. As soon as they have it, I'm told, we'll also be able to get a copy. (Remember, even after we get one, it may take some time to render, upload, etc. as there are some five hours, or so, of testimony. In the meantime, if you're hungry to plow through important depo material, a few thousands pages on Rove and Mier's recent Congressional depositions have now finally been released here. My rolling schedule, at the moment, does not allow me to plow through them myself, as much as I wish I could!) Anyway, I'll continue to update here as I get any new news...

UPDATE 8/14/09: I'm told that "there is no conspiracy" as to the release of the video-taped deposition, and that it is still forthcoming. That's the good news. The bad news is that I'll be taking some down time, off the grid, in the mountains, camping all next week. So I hope I don't miss the release! Otherwise, I suspect it won't be long after I'm back in town the following week. So, I don't believe there's anything to worry about (as some have suggested). But we'll still have to "stay tuned" for a while longer. I certainly will, since I won't even be around, by and large, at all next week! :-(

UPDATE 8/25/09:The complete video deposition, along with transcript, is now posted in full here. Thanks again for all of your patience on this!