By Brad Friedman on 10/16/2008, 1:25pm PT  

After being asked a question about keeping Obama supporters from also voting for Democrats down the ticket at a press conference in D.C., Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA), a former chair of the National Republican Congressional Commitee (NRCC) said: "Well you're talking about voter suppression and we would never, ever do anything along that line, for the record."

The room broke into laughter during his comment! (video 1:14 mins)...

Ari at the Oxdown Gazette covered it also and notes that nearly one-quarter of John McCain's laughably and insultingly named "Honest and Open Election Committee," "chaired by Warren Rudman and John Danforth, has been involved in GOP voter suppression efforts or unfounded partisan claims of voter fraud. Of the 21 members of the committee, five have been engaging in these shady efforts."

See his report for the details on those liars, hooligans, and anti-democracy champions. Transcript of the above video follows below...

MS. SMITH: In districts like the one I cover, which is held by a Republican, I would think that a strategy of the NRCC would be to try to keep those new voters who might be voting for Obama from in fact continuing on down the ballot. Does the NRCC or the Republican Party have any strategy for trying to ensure that that happens?

REP. DAVIS: Well you're talking about voter suppression and we would never, ever --- (laughter) --- do anything along that line for the record. I think it's fair to say, yeah, I think it's fair to say we're not going to spend any money educating them on what they need to do but that's what you do in these kind of elections. By the way, you'll also see in some of these areas, particularly in some of the rural areas, you're going to see a huge vote come out in presidential years in North Carolina and states like that, this is tradition that would be voting Republican across the board. I'm just saying in terms of vulnerability of our congressional candidates, you've got to look at these high African American voter urban style districts and recognize that it's not business as usual as a candidate, that you're going to deal with an electorate that is significantly different from what you see in off years. And I just think that's the fact.