The BRAD BLOG Video Ad Helps Get Out the Word!
By Brad Friedman on 9/22/2004, 1:26pm PT  

Looks like our "Take Your Country Back" video featuring Jimmy Swaggart may be having an effect out there!

It appears that the good Christian minister and admitted prostitute frequenter who, as you can hear in the BRAD BLOG video, advocates both voting for Bush and killing homosexuals, has taken down the original video of his sermon featuring that lovely suggestion!

It was previously available online at mms:// but for some reason is no longer there!

The Archive Page at Mr. Swaggart's website where one can view all of his shows, no longer lists the link to his show from the week of September 12, 2004, in which he spoke of killing homosexuals and telling "God they died" if they looked at him the wrong way. That show is now missing from the list!

Apparently then (unless someone has a cached copy) the only place you can hear it, is right here: - So please keep passing that link around!

We don't usually discuss hit numbers here, but let's just say however many hits you think that spot has gotten here, it's gotten several thousand more than that thanks to you all! Keep spreading the word!

Please direct any questions about the original tape or it's content to Mr. Swaggart's Feedback Page.

UPDATE: The video of the pertinent section is right here from the original broadcast. It's in Windows Media Player format via Oliver Willis' site! Glad he was able to save it, since I wasn't! Thanks to Rev. Meier for the link!

ANOTHER UPDATE: AMERICABlog has a story that may explain another reason the original video was taken down. Hint: Canadians actually have their own version of the FCC, but with more important concerns than Janet Jackson's nipple.

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