By John Gideon on 4/9/2008, 7:55pm PT  

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Newspapers in New Jersey are reporting that Sequoia has gone to court in an attempt to quash the subpoenas of voting machines from six counties. One has to wonder what Sequoia has to hide. They claim to have sent the system used in New Jersey to Wyle Labs to be inspected. They also claim that Wyle is independent, however, Sequoia is paying for the inspection and Wyle has in their best interest to not find any problems because they previously tested this voting system and allowed it to be qualified by NASED. If they find any problems Wyle would open themselves up to the question of why did they not find that problem when they ITA tested the system a couple years ago?

{Ed Note: Sequoia's 82-page court filing today may now be downloaded here [PDF, 7.5mb]. - BF}

Diebold/Premier has responded to the 105 lost votes in Butler Co., Ohio, by claiming there was an “anomaly” and that it had never happened before. Hopefully an investigation into this problem will give us the facts. Of course, Diebold/Premier may do the same as Sequoia and try to hide those facts from the voters.

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