By Brad Friedman on 1/23/2008, 12:43pm PT  

[Article updated at bottom. Additional information from Kucinich now here.]

On the New Hampshire Sec. of State's website this morning, the top of the Election Contest hand-count results page says:


We've confirmed with Kucinich campaign rep David Bright, who was in Concord this morning, that they have indeed stopped counting as of today, after only a single county, and not even fully at that. We're trying to learn more, and will reserve full comment until we do. Suffice it to say that given the many miscounts being discovered, the horrendous shape of NH's "chain of custody", the refusal of the SoS to allow for the counting/reconciliation of unvoted (blank) ballots, the Diebold memory cards which seem to be missing and/or destroyed since the election (in violation of federal law), it would be disappointing, at best, if Kucinich failed to finish what he so appropriately began.

In the meantime, the halt to the Kucinich count means that the Republican hand count, requested by candidate Albert Howard, will begin tomorrow. If his letter --- containing very thorough and appropriate Public Records Requests, submitted with his original request for a count to the Sec. of State (see his full letter at bottom of this article) --- is any indication, it would seem Howard and his team may be taking on this hand count with the seriousness that it and the voters of NH and America deserve.

Candidate Howard sent us the following missive movements ago...


The republican recount begins on Thursday, January 24, 2008 at the State Archives and Records Management Building at 71 South Fruit Street, Concord, NH

We could use observers to watch as the ballots are being counted. Come to Concord, the weather is beautiful!

Albert Howard

Unlike Kucinich's campaign, which paid only a partial amount of the total needed to count the entire state, the Howard campaign presented a check for the full amount requested by New Hampshire's SoS Bill Gardner --- some $60,000 --- at the time the hand count was originally requested.

More here as we can get it for ya...

UPDATE 3:20pm PT: Can't vouch for this math, since I haven't double-checked it, but it matches up with the general numbers and analysis, I've seen so far from others. Brett in BRAD BLOG comments sums things up this way for the moment:

For Hillsborough County, 80,946 votes were originally counted, 80,968 were counted during the recount, and 950 gross votes were misread. That's an error rate of 1.17%.

If that's anybody's idea of acceptable, as based on only one, partially counted county in NH, along with all of the serious chain of custody issues reported previously, and the number of elections we have from President to Dog Catcher that are decided on much smaller percentages, then it would suggest the fight for Election Integrity in this country would seem to be in even more serious trouble, than we've previously believed.

We're getting more info from the Kucinich camp, and will update you again, as we learn more. While we're getting mixed comments from the folks we've been talking to, it seems clear they are not happy either with the way things went, in regard to concerns previously reported here, on the ground in Concord. More later...

UPDATE 8:17pm PT: Letter from Kucinich to SoS Gardner cites "significant percentage variances" in count so far, requests "complete and accurate recount of all ballots" by state. Complete details, full letter now here...

For a quick snapshot of just some of the errors found, as of last week, in the Democratic hand count so far in Hillsborough County, for just the three leading candidates, see the graphic below (courtesy of Bill W. of Crooks & Liars)...

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