A Few Words of Thanks, a Plea for Help, and an Advisory to Fasten Your Seatbelts...
By Brad Friedman on 12/27/2007, 9:24pm PT  

If you haven't noticed yet, and this morning notwithstanding, we're under "light posting conditions" in general until after the holidays, barring anything that must receive massive and immediate attention. We're trying to catch our breath a bit.

But, a few year-end and holiday housekeeping items during the lull before the '08 Storm...

  • First, upon arriving back in town a week or so ago, we were barraged with an extraordinary run of news (which we also hope you noticed). In the bargain, I haven't been able to offer a proper thanks, until now, to the good Jon Ponder of Pensito Review for filling in so smartly while we on the road in November and beyond. I hope you enjoyed his Guest Blogging work --- and the periodic break from me - as much as I did. Hopefully he'll stay an active presence at The BRAD BLOG, even while I'm around, as well as in the future when the road beckons again, as it looks like it may again shortly. You can join me in thanking him by adding the lively and informative Pensito Review to your daily rounds. You'll not be sorry.

But wait! That's not all!...

  • As well, I'd like to toss in my thanks to so many who contribute here on a regular basis, whether I'm around or not. The list is large, but, of most notable distinction, my thanks to John Gideon, Alan Breslauer, Agent 99, Czaragorn and Des for daily or near-daily efforts above and beyond. Thanks also to Emily Levy for transcripts-in-a-jiffy, and other regular contributors throughout the last year here --- Arlen Parsa of The Daily Background, D.C. Correspondent Margie Burns and the very wise and tenacious Michael Richardson come to mind for starters. Additionally, my thanks in advance, to those who have indicated they'll be joining us more frequently in the future. Stay tuned for that.

  • As mentioned, I'll likely be traveling again soon, as screenings are being scheduled for the great Uncounted documentary in Northern California (Sacramento 1/15, Oakland 1/17, details to come) and possibly elsewhere. The filmmaker, David Earnhardt, and sponsors of the screenings have requested I try to make it by to help rally the troops along with the screenings in the new Election Year. And so I shall try.
  • With that Election Year now officially (or close enough to it) upon us, it will be a busy and undoubtedly exhausting one for The BRAD BLOG, as you can imagine. So we thank you in advance for any support you can lend via online donations, or even just spreading the word. I hope to be offering a few new premiums shortly, for those who create monthly support subscriptions of $15 or more. If you'd like to help, by doing so yourself, please use the blue form in the right sidebar of this page to sign up for monthly support in any $ amount you like! It all helps a great deal. When the new premiums are good to go, I'll be sure to get one or more of your choice sent in your direction --- that goes for all of those who sign up now!
  • You may also have noticed the new Digg and Reddit buttons added to each item. Please click 'em!

    If you're not already Digg or Reddit members, sign up! You'd be surprised how an article climbing the charts at those two websites help to bring new folks in to The BRAD BLOG, to spread the word about what we do here, and results in boosting traffic numbers every now and again, which makes it possible to bring in a few more much-needed ad dollars in the bargain! Your support there is appreciated as well, and all it'll cost you is an occasional mouse click!

  • Speaking of clicking the mouse, please take note of our advertisers, most notably those on the top-leftish side of each page. Those BlogAds sponsors are a great support to many of us in the Progressive Blogosphere. Your support of them by clicking through to their ads, helps all of us keep the boats floating.
  • Lastly, you may have noticed a few design changes and upgrades here that I've been distracting myself with over the holiday down days. Yes, I still do just about all of that coding on my own (I'm the only one I can afford) so it takes time. But hopefully it all helps to improve your BRAD BLOG experience a bit, even as I hope it'll make way for some more hoped for changes here in the near future. I will be trying to sneak in time for still more design changes, so please let me know if you come across any problems, or even if you have any requests. Can't promise anything --- can't even promise a reply --- but I'll do my best to read 'em all, and implement what I can.

All of that, and more, as we head into 2008. Please get some rest over the holidays, as I hope to try and do. I suspect we're all gonna be needing it in the months ahead! Whether we like it or not...