By John Gideon on 9/24/2007, 7:00pm PT  

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We were encouraged earlier this year when two states announced their plans to do a complete review of their voting systems. California has now completed their “Top-To-Bottom Review” and has taken action on all but the three Document Review papers that have yet to be released. Ohio got off to a slow start with their “Evaluation and Validation of Election Related Equipment, Standards and Testing” (EVEREST). It’s hard to figure out what is happening and how valid this project will now be. The State Controlling Board has now given SoS Brunner the money she needs to conduct the project but they have thrown in some questionable requirements. Local election officials now have an advisory role in the testing and a say in any recommendations. The Board has also provided the technical testing standards that will be used and requires participants in the study to have insurance to make sure counties don't have to pay to repair or replace any machines damaged by tests. Two weeks ago they were concerned about the bias of some academics who were involved in the project. Now they are building bias into the whole system.

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