Who Knew? Perhaps You 'Legions of Female Followers, Steeped in Swift Emotional Response' Did!
(I'm Gonna Have to Fire My 'Frontmen' for Keeping Me Out of the Loop!)
By Brad Friedman on 9/21/2007, 2:25pm PT  

As we could all use something to lighten things up around here, and it's so amusingly off-base, and it's a slowish posting day, and clearly someone needs some attention, why not...

Some pseudonymous blogger named "Vigilis" with some blog named "Molten Eagle" has called me out. I am so wounded to the core by his stinging and ingeniously well-supported critiques and barbs that I just must respond in desperate defense of my once-good name.

In his item called "Confronting Brads Baloney Blog", our man (I presume) "Viligis" instructs his readers (reader?) that "today's leftist propagandists...refuse to stand and debate" before alluding to me (presumably) as "con artists and their ilk [who] shift topics as rapidly as possible by disparaging opponents with both charges of falsehoods and rancorous name-calling."

"Of course," our friend "Vigilis" ironically charges: "this is done without citation of the slightest facts." (More on that in a minute.)

But it's not just me of whom the anonymous blogger is critical. It's you! You commenters! Especially you female commenters, whom "Vigilis" calls out not once, but twice in his amusing post:

Their meek, poorly educated (although most have been highly brainwashed) followers are incapable of critical thinking or even logic. Mostly female, they are steeped in swift emotional response...
Vigilis has taken Brad's frontmen to task for positions that, rather than fostering voters rights, foster voting fraud. Yes, I have been called a liar and worse by their legions of female followers.

I have "frontmen"?! Cool!

But wait, it gets more tickling!

"Vigilis" then asks, "How can serious people behave so irresponsibly?" before dropping the most absolutely, amusingly ironic (read: immeasurably foolish) graf, particularly in light of his earlier charge that "propagandists" and "con artists" like us ply our trade "without citation of the slightest facts."...

This would seem to be the heart of "Vigilis's" concerns:

[M]y readers should be aware of the awful, longer term, progressive strategy that the Bradz are attempting to bring into being. Their aim (the DNC's aim) is for anyone who walks into a piblic [sic] library, school or public building to vote online, right there, as often as they like. Just who would these "honest" voters mark on their electronic ballots? Take a guess and mark my words.

So there you have it. We're for Internet voting, apparently! Who knew?!

Given some 5000+ articles and hundreds of hours of audio and video available here to draw on, you'd think Vigi might have used "citation of the slightest facts" or something to back up his silly claim. But alas, his article leaves his readers wanting.

Sadly, Vigi also "forgot" to offer his readers a link to our blog in his article, so they could try and discover the "slightest facts" for themselves somehow.

And of our shared aims with the DNC? Perhaps this is "Vigilis's" first day on Planet Earth, so we'll forgive him that he hasn't had time to read much here apparently.

Hopefully my legions of mostly female followers won't be too steeped in swift emotional response over "Vigilis's" keen critique. We're sure he means well. Or something.

By the way, since it might be nice to offer some kind of actual fact-based reporting in this post following up on "Vigilis's" largely fact-free article, the readership of The BRAD BLOG, according to a poll voluntarily taken by 495 readers a few months ago was: Male (67.8%) Female (37.2%).

Oh, well. Looks like you gals need to get to work! And it looks like "Vigilis" may need to get back to the drawing board. Or the asylum.

(NOTE: This week's "Frontmen Meeting" is canceled. I've got to get to the piblic library to start voting as often as I like right away, so won't be able to make it. Can never get started on 2008 too early, ya know!)