By John Gideon on 9/13/2007, 5:05pm PT  

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A new think-tank has stepped forward to have their voice heard in regards to voting technology. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation correctly argues that paper trails don’t ensure accurate e-voting totals. We agree with that argument. However, rather than use that argument in a move to ban non-transparent DRE voting machines, this group makes that argument and then argues that more non-transparent, unverifiable technology should be used along with the DREs. They want more unproven technology that costs more money and further removes the voters' ability to have a say in the election process.

Today was the deadline for the New Jersey Attorney General to announce what their back-up plan was if vvpat printers were not certified for use on the state’s DREs. The plan? A change to optical-scan and paper ballots? Hand-counted paper ballots? Not hardly. Their plan is to do what they have already told the court they would not do; they want to ask the state legislature to extend the deadline for another six months. Today’s “Enemy of Democracy” Award is presented to New Jersey state Attorney General Anne Milgram.

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