If So, Let the Fraud Suits Begin!
By Brad Friedman on 8/18/2007, 3:35pm PT  

Blogged by Brad from St. Louis...

I know it seems difficult to believe, but the first sign we've yet to be able to find publicly of a public official finally considering holding a voting machine company accountable for years of fraud and lying about their equipment, may come out of --- of all places --- Riverside County, CA!

Buried at the bottom of a report in yesterday's Press-Enterprise there is an interesting indication that County Supervisor Bob Buster, one of the most ardent supporters, previously, of touch-screen voting systems made by Sequoia, may be coming around to face reality, and may even be preparing to hold the company accountable for some of the millions of wasted county tax dollars...

Supervisor Bob Buster said the county may also consider seeking some reimbursement from Sequoia if Bowen's claims about its security vulnerabilities are true.

"If" they are true? Well, it's a start. And not a bad omen, considering that there had been rumblings in the wake of CA SoS Debra Bowen's recent decertification of Sequoia's touch-screen systems in the state that she might face a lawsuit coming out of Riverside, the county that was the first in the nation to use the hackable, insecure, non-transparent touch-screen voting systems back in 1999.

The report also details the pathetic latest move from clueless Riverside County Election Director Barbara Dunmore, who was apparently set to give Sequoia a no-bid contract for new optical-scan machines to replace the decertified touch-screen systems. Her claim, according to the PE: "she thought the county had no option but to continue with the Sequoia System because she mistakenly believed Bowen's decision didn't allow a system to include equipment from different vendors."

Will someone at Sequoia please stop wasting everyone's time and just hire Dunmore to work for you outright? Surely Sequoia's congenital liar and "crisis management" expert, Michelle Shafer, could use a hand right now scrubbing and rewriting old documents and otherwise spreading around knowning, unsubstantiated bullshit. But we digress.

While we've been no fan of Buster's as he's had his head in the sand for years concerning these systems, if it's true that he's finally wising up to the fraud that's been perpetrated on his county by Sequoia Voting Systems (to the tune of some $25 million wasted tax-dollars so far), we say "Go, Bob, Go!"

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