By John Gideon on 5/3/2007, 4:32pm PT  

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The headlines from Florida say it all today. The Miami Herald said, “Lawmakers ditch touch-screen machines” while the Sun-Sentinel said, “Bill to replace touch-screen voting with optical scanner sent to Gov. Crist.” In a press release, the Florida Voters Coalition said in part, “In a historic vote, the Florida House today unanimously passed CS/HB 537, already passed in the Senate that provides almost all voters paper ballots in time for the 2008 Presidential election, and bans paperless DREs outright by 2012. The bill now goes to the Governor where he’s sure to sign it since it’s his initiative.” Also, the EAC gave the state permission to use their HAVA funds to make the switch-over. And still in Florida, a House committee has now asked the GAO to investigate the District 13 debacle and report back to them....

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  • FL: Millions Of Dollars Found For New Voting Equipment LINK
  • FL: Florida gets money to for e-voting hardware swap
    Feds okay use of money for optical scan e-voting hardware LINK
  • FL: Fla. lawmakers move up state‘s primary LINK
  • FL: Bill to replace touch-screen voting with optical scanner sent to Gov. Crist LINK
  • FL: Lawmakers ditch touch-screen machines LINK
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  • FL: Florida to abandon paperless touch screen voting LINK
  • FL: Governor Crist Applauds Legislature for Boldly Reforming Florida's Elections LINK
  • FL: ACLU Applauds Florida Legislature for Scrapping Flawed Voting Machines LINK
  • FL: Florida to dump touch-screen e-voting systems
    Legislature passes bill to swap in optical-scan hardware LINK
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  • FL: FL-13 task force will turn over investigation to GAO LINK
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  • FL: FL-13 - Sarasota race to be examined LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - Election Inquiry Begins
    U.S. House panel studies irregularities in District 13 that caused dispute. LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - House panel starts an election inquiry LINK
  • FL: Manatee County - Manatee activists divide along party lines in wake of D-13 probe LINK
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  • NY: Rensselaer County - Voting machine draws scrutiny LINK
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  • TX: Houston - County Uncovers Voter Fraud Plot LINK
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