By John Gideon on 4/28/2007, 5:32pm PT  

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The state of Texas has taken action to close the elections office in Waller County. The state will be providing monitors who will be closely watching the election process in the county. This as a result of numerous complaints from citizens of the county, including students of Prairie View A&M University, who were disenfranchised last November. Meanwhile yesterday the Florida state Senate passed a bill that may finally give the voters a paper ballot and end the use of DREs.

Those, and the other notable voting news stories today, all linked below...

  • FL: Senate votes to end touch-screen voting LINK
  • FL: Senate Passes Elections Bill LINK
  • FL: Paper ballot system appears likely LINK
  • FL: Senate votes to move primary LINK
  • FL: Plan to spend $28 million on new voting machines clears the Senate LINK
  • FL: Osceola County - Federal judge won't toss out election result LINK
  • NJ: Toms River - Two critics of voting machines to be heard LINK
  • NY: Vendors Try an End Run Around NYS Election Law LINK
  • OH: Stark County - A paper chase for board of elections LINK
  • TX: Database glitch may hurt early vote LINK
  • TX: Waller County - Claims of voting violations bring monitors to Waller County LINK
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