(All the While Ignoring the Actual DOCUMENTED Voter Fraud Felonies of Their Hero, Ann Coulter...)
By Brad Friedman on 3/13/2007, 12:31pm PT  

It's been amusing --- if exasperating --- to watch the latest like-clockwork contortions of the wingnuts in their desperate, if predictable, attempt to spin the U.S. Attorney firing scandal into a "voter fraud" scandal. That, they tell us in lock-step is the "real scandal" that the "liberal media" is conveniently overlooking in their attempts to victimize poor poor George W. Bush.

As we previously noted, we are unaware of any actual "voter fraud" alleged in the New Mexico case, but rather voter registration fraud. And even those allegations seems to have little, if any, substance behind them.

All the while, the dead-end wingnutters happily ignore the fact that their own continuing attempts to forward the myth of a "voter fraud" epidemic (and a Democratic-based one at that) have failed time and again. The most recent attempt was a report on "voter fraud" as officially sanctioned by the partisan-comprised U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). Despite desperate attempts to show such an epidemic, the study came up embarrassingly empty handed on the issue and so the EAC subsequently refused to release their final report.

(NOTE: EAC Chairwoman Donetta Davidson promised to turn over the spiked report last week to Congress during a hearing in which was called to testify. We'll keep our eye out for that report, as we are still waiting for Davidson to send us another report which they promised to us nearly two weeks ago on a related story we've been working on.)

The Bush Apologist Bloggers also happily ignore one of the only clear and actually documented cases of voter fraud: That which was actually committed by rightwing sycophant/hate-monger, Ann Coulter in Florida.

Nonetheless, in the wingnuts blogosphere's continuing quest to remain in utter denial of Reality, they're reaching for a new set of straws. Here's a few chuckle-worthy examples...

Here's how this little wingnut kook, some guy named "Merv" at some blog named PrairiePundit, attempts to help forward the illusion of damnable cases of "Democrat [sic] voter fraud" as the "real scandal" being overlooked by that gosh-darn 'liberal media':

Democrat voter fraud in New Mexico and US Attorney firings

In their rush to condemn the firing of US attorneys the media is missing a big story about potential corruption of the democratic process by Democrats in New Mexico and the US attorney who failed to act on the evidence in the case.
Instead of focusing on the real scandal in how Democrats have tried to steal elections, the media is focusing on whether the US Attorney who did not prosecute them was mistreated, even though he serves at the pleasure of the President. Why haven't any of the reporters attacked the real scandal of Democrat voter fraud. New Mexico is not the only place it happens.

"Merv" from Texas claims to be "a former general counsel to two different public companies" in his bio. Which companies? We didn't bother to look into it, but suffice to say that if we take his bio for granted, one would think "Merv", as a general counsel, would understand that claiming "Democrats have tried to steal elections" without any actual proof of same is inappropriate at best, libelous at worst.

And then there's Paul Mirengoff, also an attorney (yet another who seems to have forgotten how the law actually works), from the powerful rightwing Power Line kook blog. Mirengoff spins the "alleged scandal" over the U.S. Attorney firings this morning this way on the blog which long ago was forced to shut down the Comments section lest anybody actually allow the truth to slip into their World o' Make-Believe:

The alleged scandal over the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys has made it to the front page of the Washington Post as today's top headline. Let's take a look at the Post's story and the "scandal."

The Post breathlessly informs us that the "Firings Had Genesis in White House." Reading on, we learn that President Bush told Attorney General Gonzales he had received complaints that some prosecutors had not energetically pursued voter-fraud invesitgations [sic]. Voter fraud is a serious offense, and both political parties say they oppose it. So it seems perfectly proper for the president to pass along a complaint that some prosecutors weren't pursuing such investigations.

Why sure it does. But, um, where's the evidence that they "weren't pursuing such investigations"? Could it be that there was no such "voter fraud" and thus nothing to prosecute?

The Bush apologist Mirengoff's attempts to minimize the scandal by describing it as little more than Bush "pass[ing] along a complaint" is also amusing, but it's his claim that "Voter fraud is a serious offense" that caught our eye.

We agree, of course. And yet, a quick search of Power Line blog reveals that despite many of their gushing blog items about Ann Coulter, there doesn't seem to be a single one on the long and assiduously documented case of her several alleged acts of Voter Fraud in the state of Florida. You remember, right? Where Coulter both registered under a phony address (a third degree felony), voted at the wrong precinct (a misdemeanor), as well as gave false statements to receive a driver's license also at a phony address (yet another third degree felony).

Unlike Mirengoff and "Merv's" scurrilous allegations and insinuations, the ones made above concerning Coulter are actually documented by a long paper trail of evidence showing that Coulter lied on her voter registration form, including a corroborating official report from the Palm Beach Police Department's Chief of Police, Michael S. Reiter. That report was obtained and published exclusively by The BRAD BLOG. Apparently Power Line didn't get around to mentioning it to their readers.

Mirengoff finishes his all-spin post this way:

Is the firing of Iglesias a genuine scandal? As David Frum notes, it depends on the facts: was there a serious problem of voter fraud in the state, was Iglesias sluggish in dealing with it, and did the administration act even-handedly by insisting that its U.S. Attorneys adequately deal with serious allegations of voter fraud lodged by both political parties?

Until we see good evidence that the answer to one or more of these questions is "no," the firing of Iglesias is not scandalous.

And that baton hand-off to Frum goes this way:

The general consensus of left-wing bloggers is that it was an outrageous attack upon the Constitution, a vicious political stunt, for any Republican to worry about Democratic voter fraud in the state of New Mexico

Yes, that's it, David. The "general consensus" of us "left-wing bloggers" is that it is "an outrageous attack upon the Constitution...to worry about Democratic voter fraud." You've credibly summarized our concerns with great precision and legitimacy and without an ounce of spin.

Thanks to the unapologetic army of disingenuous wingnut spin-bloggers in dead-ender service to their "President", the 21st Century Game of Whack-a-Mole, unfortunately, looks set to continue for some time. That, instead of a substantive or serious debate about anything happening in this country or this world. And the "liberal media" is sure to follow.


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