Tommy Franks falls on his sword, sorta
and PO's the right.
By Jaime on 8/9/2004, 8:34pm PT  

(NOTE: This entry guest blogged by jaime)

General Tommy Franks (ret.), has managed a two-fer of sorts. he has both taken one for the team and ruffled feathers.

In promoting his new book AMERICAN SOLDIER Gen. Franks has upset the right by completing the trifecta of Republican no-no's by 1) Considering John Kerry 'Absolutely' qualified to be Commander in Chief 2) Refusing to condemn Michael Moore or Farenheit 9/11 and 3) being unable to pledge his allegiance to George W. Bush's re-election campaign. Days later, like the good soldier he is, Gen. Franks takes Dubya off the hook for the Mission Accomplished sign. From AP:

"That's my fault, that George W. Bush said what he said on the first of May of last year, just because I asked him to"

A staunch independent, Franks has rocked the boat which will undeniably lead to attacks by those unwilling to turn him into a tool. The good General becomes the newest battlefield in the world of election year politics. The right can not count on him to be their go to guy and he is already "spending more time with his family" we can only sit and wait to see how the Democrats and Republicans spin this one.

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