By John Gideon on 12/6/2006, 4:55pm PT  

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A county supervisor in Riverside Co. California has opened his mouth and may regret it. He has challenged the local advocacy group, SaveRVote, to bring in a computer expert and hack their Sequoia voting machines. They say it can't be done and are challenging someone to come in and prove them wrong. Any takers? / Recently EAC Commissioner Donnetta Davidson spoke before the "Florida State Association of Supervisor of Elections". Witnesses to that speech have reported that Ms. Davidson expressed concern that Democrats won control of the Senate in the recent election. Her concern? She stated that she had promises from Republicans in the Senate that legislation requiring a voter verified paper audit trail and audits would never come to the floor. Ms. Davidson's statements seem to be neither independent nor bipartisan and show a willingness to play politics rather than work for the good of the voter....

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