AP Has New Details on the Apparently RNC-Funded Registration Fraud in Tennessee, Now Linked to Sproul & Associates
Fraudulent, Shredded Voter Registrations In 2004 Linked To Same Shadowy RNC Operative, Recipient of Largesse...
By Brad Friedman on 10/10/2006, 9:35am PT  

Last week we ran an item on fraudulent Voter Registration Forms submitted by a group reportedly tied to the RNC down in Tennessee where there's a tight U.S. Senate race in play to replace the outgoing Bill Frist.

More information on those dirty tricks, and the ties to long-time Arizona-based GOP operative, Nathan Sproul & Associates, are now being reported by AP.

Sproul & Associates, and their various shadowy front groups, were linked to the shredding of Democratic Voter Registration Forms in Nevada, West Virginia, Oregon and elsewhere in 2004 as reported by Max Blumenthal in October of 2004 and again recently in Bobby Kennedy's Rolling Stone exposé asking "Was The 2004 Election Stolen?" More details about Sproul and the millions of dollars he seems to have received from Team Bush '04, and their attempts to hide those costs, were reported by Mark Crispin Miller in June of 2005.

Regular readers of The BRAD BLOG will recall that Sproul & Associates were given buckets of unreported RNC cash before, during and after the 2004 election. For some reason or another. Sproul is also reported to be an organizer for the Christian Coalition. Natch.

And now, AP is reporting the RNC hired a group down in Tennessee calling themselves Liberty Consultants to register (Republican) voters. Even if they had to make them up to do so. And whaddaya know? Liberty Consultants are funded by our old friend Nathan Sproul...

Liberty Consultants is responsible for 12 registration forms in Davidson and Williamson counties that included the names, addresses and phone numbers of real people, but had incorrect personal information such as Social Security numbers, signatures and birth dates, election officials said.

The group, funded by Arizona GOP and Christian Coalition operative Nathan Sproul, was banned from Wal-Mart stores in Tennessee in August for failing to meet the retailer's standards of nonpartisanship.

In a different TN county where Liberty/Sproul was operating, the Election Director said that she "fielded calls from residents who complained that the group made them sign a petition before" allowing them to register to vote.

The state and national GOP parties are both in denial, natch, and can't seem to get their stories straight. As reported by AP, it seems that no two GOP spokesholes are able to agree about what they know or who they know.

After the Sproul & Associates issue was otherwise largely ignored by both the media and the DNC attorneys before, during and after '04, it'll be interesting to see if they give a damn about it this time around. Not holding our breath.

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