By John Gideon on 9/29/2006, 4:54pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

It appears that the qualification to become a voting system technician in Maryland has gotten a bit tougher. They now require a high school diploma. Class work only will not make the grade any longer. / The Nov. 7 ballot in Belmont Co. Ohio will be 12 pages long. Look for long lines here. / Lou Dobbs of CNN has been doing semi-regular segments on voting machines for several months now. He is now being joined by CBS Evening News and ABC Radio News to name a few. / Boone Co. Missouri is withholding $800,000 from ES&S until the vendor fixes faulty machines it has delivered. / A majority of the House of Representatives has now endorsed HR-550 ...

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  • MO: Boone County - County won’t pay for glitchy vote machines LINK
  • MS: Hinds County - Candidate seeks to stop new filing deadline in legislative races LINK
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  • Brazil: Brazil's electronic voting has safeguards lacking in United States LINK
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