By Brad Friedman on 7/27/2004, 2:35pm PT  

Drudge leaks the transcript. There are several typos, so it's hard to know how accurate it was. But read up. I'd call it advantage Moore (based on the written, rushed transcript), but then you'd expect that from me. So read it, and you decide. O'Reilly makes quite a few damning admissions. Moore does it again. Should send the Foxies into apoplexy tonight.

(Drudge is also now running the same picture I ran in the previous item, at the link given above. I took the photo from the photographer's website...but Drudge has it mirrored/reversed for some odd reason. No biggie, but I suppose it's a nice visual metaphor for how Drudge happily reverses whatever he likes to show things as he wishes, as opposed to how they actually are. And the Extremists in the Media and Republican Party just eat it up without question.)

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