Curtis: 'Seems like Feeney is scared to death of the truth.'
By Winter Patriot on 9/1/2006, 8:00pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

According to usually reliable sources, Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL) flexed enough muscle on Monday night to have his potential November opponent, Clint Curtis, evicted from what was supposed to be a public meeting.

The meeting, at the Republican Club of North Brevard, in Titusville, FL, featured Feeney as a speaker. Curtis was sitting quietly in the audience when Feeney noticed him there. At that point, according to our sources, Feeney immediately turned bright red and started whispering to some of the people near him.

One of those people raised a point of order and pointed out that there was a Democrat in the room. She said she wanted him to leave because this was a Republican meeting and she did not feel it was appropriate to have a Democrat in the audience.

The chair said that perhaps Democratic members of the audience would be converted to Republicans. When others objected to Curtis' presence at the meeting, the chair informed them that it was an open meeting and the rules required that Curtis be allowed to stay.

Curtis remained silent.

Feeney jumped up and took over the podium. He stated that one of his opponents --- Clint Curtis --- was present.

Then Feeney said, "I have never met him before."

Regular BRAD BLOG readers will recognize this attempt at deception, which Feeney has used many times.

In fact, Curtis worked at Yang Enterprises Inc. when Feeney was their lobbyist and chief counsel, and the two men were involved in several projects together. One such project began when Feeney asked Curtis to design a prototype of a vote-rigging program.

Curtis complied with the request, thinking that Feeney wanted to see what a fraudulent vote-counting program looked like, so he would know how to detect such a thing. But later Curtis found out that Feeney wanted the program in order to manipulate the vote in Democratic-leaning South Florida.

The BRAD BLOG has reported extensively on this story, and has noted repeatedly that Curtis has taken --- and passed --- a polygraph test administered by Tim Robinson, the retired chief polygraph operator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

On the other hand, Feeney --- who has been caught in countless lies pertaining to this episode --- has refused to take such a test himself.

After claiming he had never met Curtis, Feeney then said --- three times --- that he wanted to run against him. Advocates of election integrity have been eagerly awaiting such a match-up, anticipating that it would bring the whole sorry saga into the bright light of national politics.

After making several accusations about what Curtis had written about George Bush, Dick Cheney and himself (in Curtis' book, Just a Fly on the Wall), Feeney said that he wanted Curtis to be asked to leave.

According to our sources, a public official evicting a citizen from an open meeting is in violation of the state's Sunshine Law. We have also been told that Curtis will investigate the incident for legal ramifications and take all actions allowed by law, and that Feeney will be held accountable for his actions in this case.

As Curtis departed, he encouraged "all honest Americans to depart." According to the reports we've received, almost one third of the audience --- including Democrats, Republicans and Independents --- left the meeting.

One of the people who left was Tracy Williams, chair of the Brevard Democratic DEC. She turned to the group and said that everyone is welcome at Democratic DEC meetings. She also personally invited Mr. Feeney to speak at any Democratic DEC meeting.

Several of those who stayed for the meeting reported that members of the club were appalled that the Republican Party had become such a closed-minded organization.

Closed-minded? Perhaps. But there's something more involved here, is there not?

In Curtis' words, "Seems like Feeney is scared to death of the truth."

He may be impossibly corrupt, but apparently he's not stupid.

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