By Brad Friedman on 8/11/2006, 11:13am PT  

Blogged by Brad from the road...

We've been "off the grid" for the last three days, so we're a few days late in reporting that...The BRAD BLOG congratulates George W. Bush for outlasting former President Richard M. Nixon in office!

Despite proven crimes against both his country and the U.S. Constitution which he swore to protect and defend (not once, but twice), Bush has managed to out-trick Tricky Dick as BRAD BLOG readers have likely noticed while our countdown clock (formerly posted in our right hand sidebar, a screenshot of which is now posted at left) had been tracking for many months.

It has been no easy feat to out-slick Tricky Dick, but with the help of a compliant rubber-stamp congress and a castrated roll-over media, Bush has managed to get away with a contempt for his country in a way that Nixon could only have dreamt of. As the legendary and mysterious Freeway Blogger has previously pointed out, we're all wearing the blue dress now.

Thanks to all of the parties involved, Bush has faced no accountability whatsoever as self-proclaimed Commander-in-Chief up until now. That, despite an administration of unprecedented corruption. So a hearty congratulations is due The Decider! Nixon would be impressed, Joseph Stalin would be in awe-filled appreciation and The BRAD BLOG extends its "thanks" to Bush for supplying us with not a single day since we've been in "business" in which we haven't had something to write about.

Would that thousands of more Americans were still alive, but for Bush's loathesome, irresponsible, deadly and illegal policies, to give him that same "thanks."