By John Gideon on 7/19/2006, 5:09pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Today the House Science Committee held hearings on the voluntary voting systems guidelines (VVSG). "We've seen security defects that allow a single person with insider access and some technical knowledge could switch votes, perhaps undetected, and potentially swing an election," Prof. David Wagner testified. "These problems should be weeded out by the independent testing process, but it is clear that this system isn't working." / "We're looking at every aspect of elections," said Donetta Davidson, a member of the Election Assistance Commission. "We haven't found any problems with equipment. The problems we find are human error. The more elections officials train their people, the fewer problems we will have." Meanwhile hearings are being held around the country to find out why machines failed and what needs to be done to fix them....

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