By John Gideon on 1/11/2006, 5:32pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

While a dozen Northern California counties consider going vote-by-mail in order to get themselves out of the 'voting machines morass' Riverside Co. decides to pay over $6M to upgrade their present Sequoia voting machines to newer machines. These 'newer' machines are federally qualified to 1990 standards and do not meet HAVA mandates for accessibility. Those of you who have responded to the Action Alert from VoteTrustUSA have sent 15,097 emails to the EAC along with 1870 letters demanding the ITA be made to do their job....

  • NAtional: Sue Diebold LINK
  • AL: Marengo County - Polling places could change LINK
  • AL: Russell County - Russell to buy 20 voting machines (AutoMARK) LINK
  • AL: Shelby County - County Approves Purchase of HAVA Machines (AutoMARK) LINK
  • AR: Arkansas County - County will purchase new voting system LINK
  • AZ: Gila County - County Recorder will handle city election needs LINK
  • CA: Counties explore all-mail voting (12 Northern Calif. counties) LINK
  • CA: Alameda County - Officials want all-mail election LINK
  • CA: Alameda County - County votes to lobby for all-mail election, joined by others LINK
  • CA: Humboldt County - Humboldt Voters Association forms to advocate ranked-choice voting LINK
  • CA: Riverside County - County to buy 3,700 e-voting machines (Sequoia Edge II) LINK
  • CA: Tulare County - McPherson makes visit to Tulare County LINK
  • CT: Attorney General Blumenthal investigating voting machine company (Danaher) LINK
  • IL: Bureau County OKs new voting machines LINK
  • IL: La Salle County - Better Ballots: New voting machines allow more privacy (AutoMARK) LINK
  • MD: Governor's panel backs vetoes of four election reform bills LINK
  • MD: Veto battles point toward tough session LINK
  • MS: SoS Clark unveils funding proposal for new voting machines LINK
  • NC: Opinion - There's no need to delay primary (A great opinion piece) LINK
  • NC: Chatham County - Opinion - Board of Elections selects the wrong new voting machine option LINK
  • NC: Johnston County - County may join protest over voting machines LINK
  • NC: Person County - Officials mulling voting gear options LINK
  • NC: Wayne County - Voters test new machine choices LINK
  • NY: Dutchess County - Election flaws must be fixed LINK
  • NY: Rensselaer County - Most accurate voting measures not yet in place LINK
  • OH: Summit County - Voting-system purchase OK'd LINK
  • PA: Westmoreland County - Computerized voting suit heads to Commonwealth Court LINK
  • TX: Montgomery County - County residents can vote close to home March 7 (The county tried to combine precincts but the voters rebelled against that) LINK
  • WA: King County - Voting on elections director advised LINK
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