Appalling Act of Repub Talking Head in Apparent Retaliation to BRAD BLOG Article Questioning Her Call for 'Repression of Free Speech of Democrats'
'Death is certainly sexier than Lydia Cornell,' says vindictive, gutless author
By Brad Friedman on 11/28/2005, 8:43pm PT  

In an extraordinary lapse of both common "netiquette" and overall decency, Republican bootlicking extremist Ann Coulter has posted a personal phone number and email address of BRAD BLOG Guest Blogger Lydia Cornell on the front page of her website with a link to the post again on her "Quotations from Chairman Ann" page.

Apparently in vindictive retaliation to Cornell's guest blog item published by The BRAD BLOG late last week, titled "Death is Sexier than Sex (to Ann Coulter)" Coulter has now publicly posted a personal Email Cornell had sent to Coulter while she was working on her story for us.

In Cornell's guest blog article, the actress and author reported on her experience attempting to receive a copy of Coulter's recent speech given to the Alachua, FL Republican party in which she called for the repression of the free speech of Democrats, adding "Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the First Amendment."

While Coulter had the time to take a 6th grade level ad hominem shot at Cornell ("Well, death is certainly sexier than Lydia Cornell") in her response, apparently the desperate Coulter didn't have the time to actually reply to Cornell's note, ask her for permission before publishing it publicly, or most despicably of all, have the decency to redact the personal information from the note before posting it online.

Coulter (whose personal email address we're tempted to post, but we're attempting to avoid sinking to her slimy depths) most recently called decorated Korean and Vietnam war vet and one-time Iraq War supporter, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) "gutless" because he had the temerity to call for the withdraw of U.S. troops in Iraq.

But the true gutlessness displayed by Coulter in the posting of the personal information of one of her critics on her own widely read website would seem to demonstrate the true nature of the "courage" of Coulter's convictions. That is, if she still actually has any actual convictions left besides her desperate and vainglorious attempts at making money through hate speech and at the cost of the blood of the American men and women she continues to advocate should die for her imagined freedoms. What a horrendous "human being". No wonder both Christians and Conservatives (real ones) are turning against her.

The complete text of Cornell's polite letter (as posted on Coulter's website, but with personal information redacted) along with Coulter's petulant little response follows...

In a message dated 11/13/05 7:58:51 PM, [EMAIL ADDRESS REDACTED] writes:

Dear Ann,

I was a Republican for many years, voted for Reagan and still attend Reagan's former church, Bel Air Presbyterian. I am writing an article about the Alachua Republican Party and wanted to clarifiy something with you. I had heard about your speech in Gainesville and was troubled in regards to your comments on the First Amendment and the stifling of the free speech of Democrats. Do you stand by those remarks? Do you wish to clarify or add anything to them ? and do you really feel that stifling free speech and/or violating/changing the U.S. Constitution is the best way help spread democracy to the rest of the world?

Could you also please tell me if you are a Christian and if you attend church regularly?

I'd love to clear up the confusion for my readers. Is it possible to get a copy of the speech in either video or audio format so I can get a sense of it?

Thanks for your expeditious handling of this so that I can help clear up the confusion. You can write back to me here and if you have audio, you can also send it to my email address. Otherwise, video can be sent to:

Lydia Cornell Sports Icon Entertainment 269 S. Beverly Drive #608 Beverly Hills, CA. 90212

I didn't even tell her about the prison camps I have planned for Democrats, but now, suddenly, this: "Death Is Sexier Than Sex (to Ann Coulter)"

Well, death is certainly sexier than Lydia Cornell.

UPDATE 11/29/05 12:46am: Coulter has now updated her item to add square brackets "[]" around her comments in the above note, presumably to delineate them from Cornell's actually letter. She has certainly received notice of this blog item by now, yet apparently has chosen to keep the personal information on her website instead of doing the right thing by removing it. A class act.

UPDATE 11/29/05 5:27pm: Cornell responds to Coulter...

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