By Brad Friedman on 3/25/2024, 12:05pm PT  

Just a quick note to mention that we are standing down this week for a much-needed Spring Break.

That comes not a moment too soon, as it turns out. Close listeners to BradCast and Green News Report last week may have noticed my failing voice, as my post-COVID fun continues, now featuring a first-time-ever case of laryngitis for me! Doctor's order for vocal rest comes at a fortuitous time, as we had hoped to take a break this week anyway.

Both programs will return after the Easter holiday weekend, voice and doctor's orders permitting. As noted on our final BradCast of last week, it's obviously going to be a slow news week this week anyway, right? That's already proving to be the case.

As ever, any thoughtful hits to the tip-jar to help fill the Prius tank are much appreciated, at least until our planned SPAC merger comes through. Should be any day now, given that The BRAD BLOG doesn't lose anywhere near as much as Trump's Truth Social loses every year.

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