By Brad Friedman on 6/22/2005, 2:32am PT  

Great video up on Conyers' site of his delivery of the 560,000+ signatures from American citizens asking for answers concerning the Downing Street Minutes.

Go to his letter page (which you can still sign if you haven't already), and the link to the video is on the top-right.

We previously posted photos of the delivery, but the video really brings the moment alive. Driving home the fact that the longest serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives, along with 9 other members of Congress, are not currently welcome in the White House. So much for that "People's House" thing we heard so much about when the wingnuts were so damned disturbed about Clinton having "soiled it". Guess they were just kidding.

And because he deserves it, here's one last victory lap for Chairman Conyers...