By Brad Friedman on 2/21/2022, 12:04pm PT  

We believe we have isolated the server problem that has plagued us in various ways for quite a while, finally reaching full melt-down late last week. We are now beginning to get things back fully up and online.

A few of our most recent posts appear to have been lost in the bargain, so we are in the process of rebuilding those from draft backups, and they should begin to re-appear here throughout the day as we do.

Several comments threads may be lost for good however. Apologies for that, as well as for all of the downtime in recent days!

REMINDER: We were already planning to stand down from Monday BradCast due to pre-emption for special Presidents Day programming on our local flagship station, KPFK. So, there will be a "Best Of" BradCast today, but the good news is that we are able to use our planned day off to restore the blog!

Thanks again for your patience...Hoping my long national nightmare is soon over...

-- Brad

P.S. Your donations remain greatly appreciated!

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