By Brad Friedman on 9/11/2019, 2:45pm PT  

I've got to get on air for today's BradCast shortly, where I'll discuss this in a bit more detail, so please excuse this terse post. But I'd like to get this information out there, in case anyone has additional details or observations to add.

No, I have no yet been able to check with the North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) or MSNBC to get their response, since I'm just getting the details myself from a tipster and racing to get on air.

I will also add the caveat that there are sometimes perfectly reasonable explanations for something like this, such as a typo or a bad transcription, or a non-nefarious bad data transfer anywhere along the path from the voting booth, to the county headquarters to the state Board of Elections to the media which report vote counts as they come rolling in.

So, with those caveats out of the way, this is from the Special Election for the U.S. House held on Tuesday night in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District. The election was a do-over after the SBE refused to certify the results of last November's election due to a massive Republican Absentee Ballot Election Fraud scheme that was uncovered, and has led to criminal indictments of seven folks who worked with a GOP contractor hired by Republican candidate Mark Harris last year.

On Tuesday, the Democratic candidate Dan McCready, who ran last November in the never-certified contest in which he was said to have lost by 905 votes, thanks to the absentee ballot fraud scam by the GOP contractor, ran this time against hard-right and very Trumpy Republican State Senator Dan Bishop.

The district has been held by Republicans since the 1960s, but polls showed the do-over race, like the one last November, to be very tight. So much so that both President Trump and Vice-President Pence were in the district for rallies for Bishop on Monday night before the election.

As of today, the State Board of Elections website shows Bishop (R) defeating McCready (D) by almost 4,000 votes or just over 2%.

Which makes this apparent anomaly from during last night's vote counting (most ballots were tallied by computer op-scan systems in the district, though Mecklenberg County's votes --- the county with the largest single share of the votes in the district --- were cast on 100% unverifiable touchscreen voting systems) all the more worrisome...

In this screenshot during Rachel Maddow's MSNBC coverage of the race last night, (the full video of the flip is also posted below) please note that, with 52% of the vote reportedly in, according to the chyron at the bottom of the screen, McCready led Bishop, 69,280 to 67,295...

But, just seconds later, when 55% of the vote was reportedly in, after leading most of the night, McCready's numbers actually appear to have rolled BACKWARD by 3,181 votes for some reason...

Bishop's numbers also rolled back in the same update by 1,196 votes. But the resulting numbers put Bishop in the lead over McCready for what I believe may have been the first time all night. And he generally stayed in the lead until the unofficial tallies were complete.

McCready's 1,985 vote lead became a 728 vote deficit with that flip and rollback.

As noted, I've not yet been able to contact the SBE or MSNBC, as this could simply be attributable to some sort of perfectly explainable, benign typo or other tally or transcription error of some type along the way. But it seems worth putting this info out there for the moment, in case anybody is able to find anything else related here, or has any reasonable explanation for numbers moving backward during Tuesday's night's vote counting in a closely watched race, characterized as both a bellwether for 2020 and a referendum on the President.

More on tonight's BradCast, and I'll update this item with any additional relevant info if I get any.

Here's the 10 second video in which the flip happens, as sent to me by a listener and/or reader...

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UPDATE 8:31pm PT: Today's BradCast coverage of this (and more) is now posted here.

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