(Remember, if you don't feed him, he will die.)
By Brad Friedman on 3/26/2005, 8:03pm PT  

Tom DeLay may set the news agenda for every broadcast network, cable "news" channel, newspaper and blog in America (certainly the wingnut blogs, but too many of the blogs on the so-called left have also fallen prey to his trick as well), but he doesn't set our news agenda here at BRAD BLOG. He never has, and he never will.

To that end, we've had very little to say about what DeLay might prefer us to talk about over the past week. Instead, we've brought to light a few items that are much more important to the American people (scroll on back if you don't know what we're talking about).

That said, Randi Rhodes' hit a nail or two on the head about DeLay's newly found fascination with defiling the Sanctity of Marriage (remember, married couples are each others guardians).

But it was her producers who hit out of the ballpark with a few recorded opening montages this past week. Here's two of them worth a listen. (Hopefully .MP3 works for everyone, they should be short enough. Let us know if you need other formats.):

...And now back to the stuff that actually matters to you, your children, your grandchildren, and the rest of the (theoretically) free world...

P.S. This is amazing.

P.P.S. So is this. (Thanks, Jaime!)