By Brad Friedman on 12/21/2018, 12:14pm PT  

It has been an exhausting year. Both Desi and I are desperate for a much-needed mental and physical health break (and to say hello to our families, if we can remember their names) before whatever fresh/continuing hell awaits in the new year. So, I just wanted to post a quick note of thanks to those of you who have helped support our efforts over this past difficult year (and the 15 or so before them!) here at The BRAD BLOG!...

Desi and I will be taking some much needed downtime (or trying to) for a week or two over the holidays. The very wise Angie Coiro of In Deep Radio will be sitting in for us on The BradCast (wish her luck!) along with a few "Best Ofs" here and there for the duration.

If you can take a moment right now to stop by for an end (or beginning) of the year contribution, it would be greatly appreciated to help defray some of our growing expenses as we approach our 15th anniversary of investigative blogging, journalism, broadcasting, trouble-making and muckraking!

I continue to be proud to say that YOUR SUPPORT is still the only thing that keeps us going here! We have no corporate or political sponsors. Just you! So thank you for whatever you can afford to share to help our fiercely independent work continue into the new year! (Monthly subscriptions of any amount you like are particularly appreciated, but we welcome your support of any kind! It takes just about 60 seconds via the link above!)

I will leave this item pinned on top for the duration, so please scroll down to catch the latest BradCasts and whatever other trouble-making and muckraking awaits over the next week or two. From all of us to all of you, happy holidays my best wishes for a safe, happy and peaceful new year! --- Brad (and Desi and Ernie and Pdiddie and Angie et al by proxy!)

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