By Brad Friedman on 11/14/2016, 3:16pm PT  

Well, I got slammed with something over the weekend --- some weird combination of flu, exhaustion, dehydration, as best we can tell --- which resulted in about 7 hours in the hospital last night and fluids via IV and all that goes with it. (Thanks, ObamaCare!)

I know a lot of you have questions/concerns about the election results, and I had been working on things in the background until getting largely knocked out over the last few days. Frustrating is an understatement. Luckilly, Angie Coiro had been previously scheduled to fill in for me today (Monday) on The BradCast anyway, and she says she'll be able to fill in one more day for me on Tuesday, as the doctor has suggested I take it easy for a bit longer if I can.

So that's where we are. The fever and chills are still around, though subsiding, and I'm slowly gaining strength, but I need to go easy for a bit longer.

Just wanted to give you an update as to where the hell I've been. And to let you know I'm fine and will be getting back to work in the background and in the foreground, as health improves over the next day or so.

All is well. Obviously, it's the worst possible timing for me to get slammed, obviously. I beg your indulgence until I'm back to speed, and apologize to those I've not yet been able to respond to via email, Twitter, BRAD BLOG comments, etc. Will try to catch up with all soon!...