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By Brad Friedman on 9/12/2016, 6:04pm PT  

On today's BradCast, yes, Donald Trump even lied about 9/11. And, speaking of lies, Big Oil has been using a loophole in U.S. federal law to to skirt environmental concerns and receive quick approval for dirty, dangerous new pipelines.

First, as the media continue to ignore one of the worst and most expensive environmental disasters in U.S. history last month, Trump was busy lying about 9/11, even on the 15th anniversary of the attacks. He lied about why he received taxpayer money after the tragedy and suggested he personally removed rubble. Imagine, just imagine, what the media would have done to Hillary Clinton (appropriately) had she falsely suggested anything even close.

The corporate media's false equivalency between the two candidates continues, as facts concerning stuff like Colin Powell's very specific directions to Clinton on how to use a private email address as Secretary of State are overlooked, and as both national and state polling continues to tighten in the bargain.

Then, speaking of issues ignored by the corporate media, investigative environmental journalist Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog joins us to discuss the little-known federal permitting policy called "Nationwide Permit 12" --- a loophole in federal law increasingly used by the oil industry to fast-track federal approval for major pipeline infrastructure projects like the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota, and as a way to skirt more stringent federal environmental review in the process.

"Nationwide Permit 12, before the past three or four years, was generally and exclusively used for small projects, usually 1/2 an acre in size and smaller," Horn tells me. "It wasn't really until the Keystone XL debate, and in particular the southern leg of it, where the industry saw Nationwide Permit 12 as a convenient way to split up its pipelines into many, many, many pieces. Sometimes, in the case of Keystone XL, it was some 2000 segments that they called 'single and complete projects'."

"You can call it a loophole, you can call it a fast-track trick, a maneuver. For all intents and purposes, it's like the pipeline industry's equivalent of a tax loophole. And, looking at what billionaires do, it serves the equivalent for the pipeline industry," he explains. Given those in the fossil industry who are now publicly supporting the scam --- including the industry billionaire who Trump has said he may tap as his Secretary of the Dept. of Energy --- Horn's analogy is disturbingly on point. The good news, however (and we could use some today!): the scam is now under federal review after its use to approve construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. That controversial project, which, as of Friday, was at least temporarily halted by the Obama Administration, may finally "have been a tipping point for use of Nationwide Permit 12," Horn notes.

Finally, some listener mail on a recent program seems to blame voters for the failure of politicians. We discuss.


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