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By Brad Friedman on 4/15/2016, 3:59pm PT  

Today on The BradCast, after several weeks without one, the two Democratic Presidential candidates squared off for another debate, this time in Brooklyn in advance of next week's critical Primary election in the state New York.

This time, the gloves really did come off --- and not just in a pretend, CNN "Gloves are off!" kind of way. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders really went at it in what was a raucous, often contentious and yet extraordinarily substantive debate on a surprisingly wide array of issues.

To help us make sense of it all, I am joined for coverage and analysis on today's program by returning debate-coverage champ Jacki Schechner, health care reform advocate and journalist, formerly of CNN and CurrentTV, as well as by the great Peter B. Collins, one of my talk radio mentors and heroes, and longtime host of the Peter B. Collins Show!

Both Sanders and Clinton seemed to go for broke in their contrasts and attacks on Thursday night at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, on criminal justice reform, wall street money, guns, foreign policy (including a remarkable, perhaps unprecedented, exchange on Israel and Palestine), on Social Security, the failed "war on drugs", and even on climate change.

We try to cover as much of it as we can --- including a number of CNN and other corporate media failures that came along with it (Collins, for example, describes what he sees as the "Swiftboating" of Bernie, and Schechner calls out CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer for at least one inappropriately biased question) on today's very lively and very fast-paced program!


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